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The vehicles are completely dissembled and rebuilt again according to Arctic Trucks developed specifications.

Arctic Trucks has over 25 years of experience providing vehicles and solutions for extreme conditions. In 1997 we built the first vehicles that got used in Antarctica driving over 3000km each, including an expedition to the plateau.
It was only in 2008 we got back into Antarctica, when Arctic Trucks was tasked with supporting a ski race to South Pole, with starting point Novo Runway. This was an extreme challenge on many fronts and if successful a breakthrough in logistical support in Antarctica. After a lot of consideration, we decided to use the AT44 configuration as had been used in 1997 but instead using Toyota Land Cruiser as a base vehicle we used Toyota Hilux.


Arctic Trucks technicians often use 500 man hours per vehicle converting and installing pre-produced Arctic Trucks solutions.

For more information, please download our product catalogue Arctic and Antarctic solutions.