Newsflash from Atli

Newsflash from Atli Written:   November 25th, 2015 Location:   FD83, S 83.23 E 20.28 Hello! There is not much happening here at the runway at the end of the world at the moment. The weather has disrupted all plans this season. The storm that we experienced for the first 10 days changed all plans and […]


News from Bragi, situated in Novo

News from Bragi, situated in Novo Written:   November 22nd 2015 The first days in Novo the weather was terrible, 41 meters pr. second and it snowed heavily. It was difficult to get any work done in this weather and we mostly stayed at Oasis during the storm. For the last three days the weather has […]


Some thoughts from Atli the Antarctica high plateau

Some thoughts from Atli Pálsson, stationed in Antarctica Written: November 23rd 2015 Location: FD83, S 83.23 E 20.28 Dear readers. The expedition I am participating in for Arctic Trucks and The Antarctic Company has reached its destination at 83 degrees South on the high plateau of Antarctica. I and Bragi left Iceland for Cape Town […]


The Arctic Trucks Antarctica team season 2015

This season three Arctic Trucks employees are working in Antarctica. Atli Pálsson arrived at Antarctica in the beginning of November and he will be working there until the middle of January. Most of the time he will be staying at 83 degrees, on the Antarctica plateau, working for The Antarctic Company, preparing a runway on […]


2015 – 2016 Season

The Antarctica Season has started! This is the 8th year in a row that part of the Arctic Trucks team goes south to participate in expeditions or other projects in this harsh and unforgiving continent. Two of our guys are already there, Bragi Geirdal Guðfinnsson and Atli Pálsson. Bragi is now working in our workshop […]

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